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Most of Poland has a very similar climate and the same sequence of weather throughout the year. Winter cold increases towards the east and in the southern mountains, while the coastlands of the Baltic Sea have slightly milder winters and cooler Summers. Snow lies for up to 100 days a year in the Carpathians and winter sports are possible here. Daily sunshine hours (with the sky less than 20% overcast) average from one to two hours in midwinter to as much as six to seven hours in summer. The average annual precipitation for the whole country is 600 mm (23,6 inch).
Poland has as many as six distinct seasons. Apart from the four typical European seasons, there are also two periods described as early spring (“przedwiosnie”) and early winter (“przedzimie”). During the “przedwiosnie”, which is about a month long, the average daily air temperature ranges from 0°C to 5°C. Spring in Poland lasts usually about 60 days. Summer, with temperatures above 20°C, begins in May and is about four months long. The hottest month is July with the average daily temperature about 20°C. In autumn, the average temperature drops to between 5°C and 15°C. Almost every year, mid September sees the coming of Polish "Indian summer", which is a warm and sunny transition between summer and autumn. Once the trees have lost all their leaves and the days are markedly shorter, “przedzimie” begins. Temperatures drop below 5°C. After about six weeks comes winter, which may last from one to three months.

Temperature in 2006 from www.imgw.katowice.pl

Rainfalls in 2006 from www.imgw.katowice.pl
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