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             valid from 01.04.2008

  • General conditions
    1. Primoris Sp. z o.o., further on referred to as "the Organiser" undertakes to organize and deliver a tourist event as described in the offer and to ensure provision of services in the quantity and of quality as described in the offer.
    2. Rights and obligations of the Client and Organiser are specified in the "Contract of Participation in Events", further on referred to as "The Contract" together with "Conditions of Participation in Tourist Events Organised by Primoris Sp. Z o.o.", further on referred to as "Conditions of Participation" and the provisions of the Polish Civil Code and the Tourist Services Act of 29th August 1997, as amended.

  • Conclusion of the Contract
    1. The Client may book a tourist event in person or by contacting the Organiser on the telephone or by e-mail.
    2. When booking an event, the Client is obliged to pay an advance corresponding to 30% of the amount due for the tourist event.
    3. A contract with the Organiser?s office shall be signed upon reading these ?Conditions of Participation? and signing an appropriate contract template by the Client and a representative of the Organiser. Upon entering into the contract, the Organise shall specify the type of documents required for delivering the event as well as dates of their presentation or delivery to the Organiser's office. A failure to submit the documents on an agreed date is equivocal to resignation from the event for reasons attributed to the Client.
    4. The Organiser sends a confirmation of the booking, in a written or electronic form, after receiving the advance. The confirmation contains contact details of the local representative of the office.
    5. The person, who books an event (the first one listed in the confirmation of the booking) assumes liability for payment of the full amount of the tourist event for all persons listed in the confirmation of the booking. In addition, the person is also responsible for informing the other persons about all details with respect to the tourist event. The person who books an event must be at least 18 years of age. Entering into the contract in favour of a minor requires an approval of the minor?s legal guardians.
    6. The Client shall notify the office about any change of his address, surname, replacement of his passport, etc. on a date sufficient for completing necessary formalities. The Organiser shall not be liable for any consequences arising from negligence of this obligation.

  • Payment conditions
    1. The Client shall make timely and adequate payments for the event, in accordance with the below-presented schedule:
      1. an advance at 30% of the event price upon booking,
      2. payment of the remaining part of the event price made not later than 30 days before the starting date of the event.
    2. In case of buying an event later than 30 days before the start of the event, the Client shall pay the whole amount due to the bank account on the date of signing the Contract.
    3. The Organiser may deem a failure to pay the full amount due for the tourist event on an agreed date and in the agreed amount by the Client as the latter?s resignation from the event for reasons attributed to the Client.
    4. The price agreed in the Contract may be increased in case of any increases in the costs of transport, official fees, taxes or fees due for such services as airport, loading or reloading in air and sea ports as well as any increases of foreign exchange rate. The price cannot be increased later than 30 days before the starting date of the event.
    5. If the price goes up by more than 10%, the Client has the right to cancel the tourist event and recover the paid in amount in full. Recovery of the amount is conditional to the cancellation of the event by e-mail or fax promptly after the Client learns about the price increase; however, not later than within 24 hours.
    6. Following each and every payment made by a bank transfer to the Organiser?s bank account, the Client shall send the transfer confirmation by fax or e-mail. Any bank fees or charges shall be borne by the Client.

  • Liability, damages and losses
    1. The Client (each participant of an event) shall respect and abide by immigration, customs, health-related and other regulations of the country, from which he travels and the country of destination.
    2. The Client (each participant of the event) shall respect and follow rules and regulations in effect in the place of his stay.
    3. Any costs arising from a failure to comply with the regulations shall burden the Client.
    4. The Organiser?s liability shall not be excluded in the case of:
      1. any damages made as a result of illicit acts and offences which occur during the event, for which the Organiser is not liable as for his own act, e.g. a theft,
      2. acts of Force Majeure,
      3. damages resultant from any actions or negligence of the Client and his accompanying persons,
      4. a refusal to issue a passport or a visa by the state administration agencies and consular missions on a date enabling participation in an event.
    5. The Organiser shall not be liable for any defects of services known to the Client upon entering into the Contract.
    6. The Organiser shall not be liable for non-performance or inadequate performance of services such as additional local trips, car rental, etc., offered to the Clients on the location and organised by other business entities. The above-mentioned liability does not arise even when the Organiser?s representative intermediated in selling these additional services.

  • Resignation, change of booking, withdrawal
    1. At all times before a trip begins, the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract. Resignation shall be made in a form of a written statement only and the Client shall be burdened with the inividual costs paid by Organiser and a smart derived from Client's resignation.
    2. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the event for reasons beyond his control and, in particular, due to a decision made by the state authorities, acts of Force Majeure (in particular: war, acts of terror, riots and public unrest, natural disasters, a flood, earthquake, fire, order given by the authorities, strikes, weather conditions or technical reasons causing disruptions in air traffic and other reasons beyond the Organiser's control). The Organiser shall inform about the occurrence of the above-mentioned conditions without a delay by a letter, fax or an e-mail.
    3. The Client shall have the right to amend conditions of the contract signed with the Organiser not later than 30 days before the beginning of the event. The amendments shall be made by the agreement of both parties and become effective after they are approved in writing by the Organiser. If the Organiser fails to approve the proposed changes, all provisions of the original contract remain in full force.

  • Complaints
    1. Customer complaints connected with accommodation, subsistence and programme of a trip should be reported to a representative of the Organiser without a delay. The representative is obliged to remove them on while on location. Should the complaints remain ineffective, Client should report them in a form of written statement as described in VI.2.
    2. The Client may submit his complaint accompanied by the specification of his claims, within 30 days from the end date of the event. The date of submitting the complaint at the Organiser's office or the date of posting the complaint at a post office by registered mail prevails.
    3. The Organiser is obliged to consider the complaint within 30 days from the date of its receipt.
    4. If, for an important reason, the Client failed to use some services that had been paid for, the Organiser may grant him a reimbursement of only a part of incurred costs and only in the case when the provider of the services transfers the amount remaining after delivery of the service to the Organiser. When services concerned are entirely immaterial, the reimbursement shall not apply.

  • Changes in the performance of the Contract
    1. The Organiser is responsible for organising the event in accordance with the conditions of the Contract and applicable regulations.
    2. In unavoidable cases, the Organiser reserves the right to introduce some changes in the performance of provisions of the Contract, unless they change the nature of the Contract. The "unavoidable cases? shall mean e.g. the Force Majeure, a breakdown of means of transport, any changes resulting from logistic, economic or safety reasons.
    3. If, during the event, for any reasons beyond the Organiser's control, the programme of the event has been changed or there has been a change of the facility that the Client paid for, the Organiser shall arrange for replacement services of the same or higher standard. In case of receiving these services, the Client shall not be entitled to any compensation.
    4. In extreme cases, e.g. resultant from inappropriate functioning of facilities when the Client is accommodated, indicated in the offer, the Organiser shall have the right to move the Clients to other facilities of the same or higher standard during the event.
    5. When the replacement services mentioned in pt. 3 hereof cannot be arranged, the Client shall be reimbursed with the value of non-performed services.
    6. In case when the trip or stay is interrupted for any reasons attributed to the Client or his accompanying person, the equivalent of unused services shall not be reimbursed. The Organiser shall notify the Clients about the possibility to sign an additional insurance contract against resignation from the tourist event or interruption of participation in the event. The terms and conditions of the insurance are available at the Organiser?s.

  • Insurance
    1. In accordance with the provisions of the Tourist Services Act, the Organiser is insured as the Organiser of tourist activities in connection with his business activity. Insurance conditions applicable for insurance of clients are laid down in "The Terms and Conditions of Insurance" appended hereto.
    2. In addition, each participant of an event may conclude an additional insurance at his own cost for the amount of insurance higher than the conditions specified in the "Terms and Conditions of Contract".
    3. The Client hereby consents to the Organiser giving his personal details and personal details of all persons accompanying him in a tourist event to the Insurer as a list of insured persons.
    4. The contract requires entering personal data of all travelling persons, i.e. their given names and surnames, date and place of birth, their address and passport number.
    5. We encourage you to buy an additional insurance against costs of resignation or interruption of participation, which must be concluded within 24 hours from signing the contract. Furthermore, an insurance policy against costs of treatment resultant from chronic diseases is available.
    6. ?Terms and Conditions of Insurance? are available at all times at the office selling the events. We recommend you read them carefully.

  • General provisions
    1. Events, to whom these participation conditions apply, is Primoris Sp. z o.o. registered ul. Zamkowa 2, 35-032 Rzeszów, Poland, entered to the National Court Register ? the Entrepreneurs? Registry, entry no 0000267719.
    2. The Client and other participants of an event are obliged to follow instructions given by the representative of the Organiser.
    3. Sample packages contained in catalogues and on the Organiser's web site shall not be offers in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Civil Code. Binding offers are created and presented to the Client on an individual basis, at any time after submitting an inquiry, taking the Client's preferences into account.
    4. Any disputes arising in connection with the performance hereof shall be resolved amicably by the Parties and, in case of a failure to reach an amicable resolution, by court competent for the defence.
    5. In any matters not provided for herein, provisions of the Polish Civil Code and the Tourist Services Act of 29th August 1997, as amended, shall apply.

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