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Policy Aims

In response to very different preferences of customers we have prepared a new concept of organizing trips and breaks, whose main assumption is to cater to the independent traveller according to his/her individual needs and requirements.

We propose attractive ways of spending time describing the character of the selected eco-farms. They only cover part of all attractions available.

Our aim is to offer holidays for those who wish to discover: the real Polish countryside, culture, history, landscape and natural world. On our holidays we will stay in small, often family-run houses, eat traditional Polish food and use local transport as much as possible. In addition all local guides used are considered friends rather than 'business contacts'. The idea being that you will visit as guests rather than as tourists.

Respect for local people, their cultures, traditions, religions and environment are essential to our philosophy and our tours and we work hard to ensure our groups have a positive impact on the places and people visited.

We operate our holidays in some very beautiful places and we want to keep them this way. We encourage our guests to explore the local environment and enrich their holidays by experiencing local culture and traditions.

By following this policy we hope to create holidays that give our customers ‘real’ experiences and a full appreciation all aspects of their destination.

Economic Responsibility

Employing local people directly wherever possible. Each offer gives the opportunity of having an individual assistant – a personal interpreter and guide. We use local guides for this tasks wherever possible and encourage them to improve their skills.

Paying staff fairly and linking wages to positions and experience

Encouraging our customers to purchase locally manufactured products (eg organic food products, sculptures, bas-reliefs, icons, paintings or musical instruments) rather than imported alternatives, and buy gifts and crafts from local shops and markets.

Where possible food is sourced from locally supplied produce and ideally from organic sources.

Our policy, wherever possible, is to use local or family run houses, steering away from large chains whose main beneficiaries tend to be shareholders and senior management.

The communities and areas to which we send our clients benefit them economically. This enables local economies to benefit directly and, through the tourism multiplier effect, helps to generate incomes and sustain employment in this areas.

Environmental Responsibility

Our aim is to use local cottages and holiday houses placed in unpolluted regions. We have found places, which are hidden amidst forests, streams and brooks, emanating with the warmth of a family home whose owners are ready to welcome our clients with open arms. Recycling is still limited to cities in Poland, and not practiced yet in rural areas. Some of our accommodations compost their organic waste and limit their water waste, but in more impoverished areas this is more for financial reasons than environmental.

On our tours, we follow a ‘leave no trace’ policy picking flowers is forbidden in National Parks. The guides we use in National Parks & personal interpreters are responsible for communicating good environmental practices to our guests.

We encourage clients to make full use of our website, including the facility to download a brochure and tour dossier for viewing, rather than sending printed copies in the mail.

The very nature of our holidays – walking, horse riding – means that we have a low impact on the environment.

In the office we:

  • Switch off heating in summer, at weekends and holidays
  • Switch off all lights when areas not in use
  • Only use lights when required
  • Switch off machines when not in use
  • Use double sided printing and copying when feasible
  • Avoid packaged products
  • Use electronic mail as opposed to post where possible

We encourage our clients to visit eg Bieszczady National Park, Tatra National Park, open air museums, local galleries where fees contribute to upkeep and let them to develop.

Social Responsibility

We try to educate and encourage our customers to understand and respect local cultures and customs, get involved with local communities and buy locally and support local businesses.

Remind our customers that ultimately they are a guest in someone else’s home

We also encourage our customers to learn a bit of the Polish language. English may be the international language of business, but at a local level more respect is shown, and will be given, if customers make the effort to speak the local language – however badly or limited.

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