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Poland lies in the heart of Europe - the geometric centre of the continent is right here. To the west, Poland has a border with Germany, to the south with the Czech Republic and Slovakia; to the east and north-east with Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia.
Half a million places to stay, thousands of restaurants, hundreds of forms of leisure and entertainment - they're all waiting for visitors. Poland is a country that is safe and friendly for visitors from abroad, a statement confirmed by official international statistics. In figures concerning access to cash machines, for instance, Poland is 8th in Europe. Mobile phone networks cover 94% of the country.
You can find more or less everything in Poland: alpine mountains, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, world-class historic monuments, and friendly people. The climate is temperate, and the people warm and hospitable. Ancient traditions and unique customs are still being cherished by the Polish people. Hospitality is famous worldwide. Old Polish proverb says: "Guest in house - God in house".
Poland has areas of outstanding natural value, both Europeanwide and worldwide. There are still places hardly touched by the civilization, like the wild and desolate Bieszczady Mountains with their spectacular pastures known as poloniny, and the inaccessible flood plains along the Biebrza River, home to many rare bird species, sometimes found nowhere else in Europe.
Sub-Carpathia (Podkarpacie) is a region encompassing the south-eastern parts of Poland, at the foot of the Western and Eastern Carpathians. For tourists it's one of the country's most attractive parts. Visitors come here mainly for the mountains - the Bieszczady and the Beskid Niski (Low Beskid) which together make up the Eastern Beskidy. The Bieszczady is more popular, having most of the region's rambler's routes.
Polish cities with a thousand-year history invite their visitors to encounters with culture, and Poland's villages and small-time towns offer the opportunity to get away from the bustle of modern life.
And all this comes with a backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes, because Poland's greatest attraction is nature. Wild, untouched, more diverse than in most countries either in Europe or the world and, what's more, easily accessible. Tourists value this greatly and their number is constantly increasing.
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