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In the company of Spirits
and Ghosts from the Past
Location: The Western Carpathian Mountains, around 70 km South-East from Rzeszow
The owner speaks English fluently Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest bus stop Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest town Distance from the nearest shop Distance from the nearest river or lake Distance from the nearest cash-machine Pets welcome
Description of the place:
This in an invitation to a palatial complex we are sure you will take to on the spot. You will discover the area on the saddle or by britzka. Wandering through the labyrinth of the palace alleys will be a priceless experience for your tired body and spirit. The nearby river is perfect for amateur canoeists. It is impossible to get bored here: the network of well-kept biking lanes enables you to relish the gorgeous beauty of the melancholic landscape. There is an extraordinary itinerary leading through former forts, strongholds and citadels.
We offer comfortable accommodation in one-, two-, three- and four-bed rooms and suites with jacuzzi, all located within the historical park: in a hotel, in a castle, and two pavilions: the Swiss one and the Hunting’ one. After superb attractions there will be sauna, tanning centre and a restaurant waiting for you. High class Polish cuisine is served here together with fine wines from all over the world.
The maximum number of guests: 92
Selection of local activities:
bonfire, picking mushrooms, horse riding, fishing, canoeing, biking, trekking, firework shows, wine tasting
Activities within a short distance:
paintball, hang glider and plane flights
Selection of trips to choose from:
to the city of Lviv in Ukraine, to the former historical fortress of Przemysl


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 6 nights
transfer: airport - accommodation - airport
board: 6 breakfasts, 6 dinners, 5 suppers
ceremonial supper in the Huntsmen’s Dining Room
1-day trip to Przemysl
1-day trip to Lviv
biking trip to the historic fortress of Przemysl
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities - fill in the form and ask!


Day 1: Arrival at Rzeszow Airport. Transfer to your accommodation.
Day 2: Visiting a castle.
Day 3: A trip to Przemysl. Visiting the Old Town, the Roman Catholic and the Greco-Catholic cathedrals and The Kazimierzowski Castle.
Day 4: Ceremonial supper in the lavishly decorated Huntsmen’s Dining Room.
Day 5: 1-day trip to the city of Lviv. This popular tourist destination will impress everybody, the city is steeped in history and its charm still reminds us of the glory of the Habsburg Empire.
Day 6: Biking trip to the fortress of Przemysl.
Day 7: Transfer to Rzeszow Airport. Departure.
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