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Description of the place:
Fabulously surrounded by apple trees in the orchard, isolated from the outside world this divine place could be your private paradise for a while with which you will surely fall in love. Here, you can discover small enclaves of an uncivilized world free of noisy cafes, crowded stores and even an asphalt road. This place is for those who value unconventional quality time in off-the-beaten-track areas. We have prepared for you Tai-Chi workshops, yoga workshops and Flamenco dance classes. Goats walk freely grazing around the property will quickly befriend with your children. The host will enthusiastically share her knowledge of herbs. There are secret places in the woods to pick mushrooms under supervision.
We invite you to a unique place with a 15-bed apartment. Yoga and Tai-Chi classes are held in a nearby wooden hut. The owner is a conscientious cook and follows the Five Alterations Rule preparing home baked bread, pies and pates, homemade preserves and anything which is both healthy and delicious is served here a ritual manner. Philosophy studies inspired the owner to visit China where she discovered and mastered the ancient 1000-year-old rule of Five Alterations according to which any process as well as individual human life irreversibly goes through the strata of Five Alterations. This place emanates with warmth, relaxing music, culinary relishes, generosity and a cosy atmosphere.
The maximum number of guests: 15
Selection of local activities:
yoga, flamenco, Tai-Chi, milking goats, baking bread, traditional Polish cuisine workshops, making pickles, food preserves making course, herbs-cultivation, taking care of domestic animals, mowing grass, sleeping on hay in a barn, making scarecrows, picking mushrooms, trekking
Activities within a short distance:
fishing, horse riding, milking cows
Yoga, meditation and other
techniques of relaxation
Location: The Westen Carpathian Mountains, around 90 km South-East from Cracow
The owner speaks communicative English Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest town Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest bus stop Distance from the nearest shop Distance from the nearest river or lake Located within the woods Distance from the nearest cash-machine Pets welcome


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 8 nights
board: 8 vegetarian breakfasts, 8 vegetarian dinners, 8 vegetarian suppers
transfer: airport - accommodation - airport
yoga classes instructed by a coach
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities -
fill in the form and ask!


7.00-7.30The Sun Salutation
9.00morning tea
till 12.00yoga lessons
till 16.00time off
16.00two sessions of yoga followed by relaxation techniques
Lectures and meditations will be held during some evenings.
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