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Unforgettable taste of home-
made herb and fruit liquors
Location: The Sandomierska Valley, around 50 km North-East from Rzeszow
Description of the place:
This invitation is for those who love water sports and horse riding. The presence of this gifted, energetic and friendly landlady’s presence is felt in every part of the house. The hostess is a passionate collector and herb cultivator. She is particular proud of her numi-smatic collection: ‘Villages and agriculture on banknotes from all over the world’. In her garden she has more than 20 species of herbs. These herbs have become an inspiration for liquor making and she experiments with different combinations of herbal liquors, wines and syrups. Her products are well known countrywide and she has gained many prizes for them. She will be keen to share her knowledge with you and she can teach you some basic rules of the world of liquor making. She also has an atelier for making artistic compositions from dry flowers and runs tissue paper and crinkled paper ornament workshops. Other attractions are rides in the saddle or by britzka.
We invite you to a house whose traditional character is well preserved. There is a private village museum within the property whose collection introduces guests to local customs and tradition. You can discover interactively the secrets of archaic folk techniques of coopering, harness making, wheelwright’s work and plaiting.You can also decide to rent
The maximum number of guests: 8
Selection of local activities:
making butter, gardening, making herbal and fruit liquors, traditional Polish cuisine course, making pickles, food preserves making course, herb-cultivation, treshing grain, picking mushrooms, sleeping on hay in a barn, washing clothes in a river, trekking, making scarecrow, plaiting flower wreaths, baking bread, bonfire, barbecue, roasting pig, boar and mutton
Activities within a short distance:
milking cows, blacksmithing, britzka rides, traditional ornaments making course, wood carving, lace making, basketry, horse riding
Selection of trips to choose from:
to the Lancut Castle, to the Basilica of Lezajsk
  a traditional hut. To complete the list of tantalizing attractions the host will feed you on local organic products. You will spend late hours by the bonfire roasting deer or rabbit. The hostess, being a member of a local music band, will be eager to present herself in traditional costume.
Assistance of a personal tour-guide speaking fluently English Distance from the nearest river or lake Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest town Distance from woods Distance from the nearest bus stop Distance from the nearest cash-machine Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest shop Pets welcome


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 9 nights
board: 9 breakfasts, 9 dinner-suppers
transfer: airport - accommodation - airport
tour-leader – local organizer – your personal tour guide and interpreter at your exclusive disposal to provide assistance in arranging trips, events and activities at all stages of your stay
trip to Lezajsk
tissue paper and crinkled paper ornament making workshops
1-day trip to Lancut
workshops: Traditional Polish Cuisine (including introduction to the science of herbs)
workshops: Wine and home made herb liqueurs production
picking mushrooms trip
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities -
fill in the form
and ask!


Day 1: Arrival at Rzeszow Airport. Transfer to your accommodation.
Day 2: Excursion to Lezajsk. Visiting the market with historical tenant houses, old City Hall, the parish church and the famous Bernadine Monastery with extraordinary baroque organs – one of the most beautiful in Poland.
Day 3-4: Making wine and liquors workshops. Duration: two days. You will learn techniques of preparing wine from, depending on season: hawthorn, oak-tree leaves, pumpkin, lilac flower, potato, quince, grapes (around 15 species) and liquors from: raspberry, pear, walnut, chokeberry, beetroot, anise and many others (around 30 kinds).
Day 5: Tissue paper and crinkled paper ornament making course.
Day 6: 1-day trip to Lancut. In programme: visiting a fortified castle, park with the orangery and rose garden, rich collection in the Museum of historical carriages.
Day 7-8: Traditional Polish Cuisine workshops including an introduction to secrets about herbs. The workshops’ duration is 2 days. The hostess will give you instructions how to prepare zurek, bigos and pierogi ruskie, the most popular and loved Polish dishes by foreigners
Day 9: Trip to the woods, picking mushrooms.
Day 10: Transfer to Rzeszow Airport. Departure.
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