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Land of rest and silence
Location: The Western Carpathian Mountains, around 70 km South-West from Cracow
Description of the place:
The place we are about to invite you to is settled in a typical mountainous landscape, close to the border with Slovakia. Fields, meadows and forests create a picturesque scenery which is a home to a charming agro tourist farm. This is a perfect place for those who are in need of a rest from hectic cities and those who want to cherish a genuine beauty of forms created by nature, where a human being coexists naturally with its rituals. Space and overwhelming freedom are to be felt here, in the woods rich with mushrooms, berries and blackberries. The welcoming owners offer homemade cow’s and goat’s milk, cream, cheese, eggs, as well as fruits and vegetables. You can familiarize yourself with typical farm activities such as goat milking, bee-keeping, butter making, making traditional food preserves and ham and sausages making. Apart from this the owners offer you numerous activities such as sculpture workshops, candle making workshops and workshops during which you will learn how to make traditional Polish ornaments.
The off-the-beaten-truck location of the place will let you forget the everyday hustle and bustle of a city. We offer you a two-room chalet with a living room and balcony. The kitchen as well as the bathroom are supplied with the pristine water from a nearby spring.
No discos, pubs or parties are to be found here, instead of that there are woods, space and splendid isolation in close contact with nature. The owners will prepare dinner-supper meals using their own organic products and they are only too keen to arrange a bonfire or barbecue. Pristine peace, natural calmness, crystal clear air and a permanent presence of nature boil down to a uniqueness of the place. You will surely be amazed seeing farm animals walking freely around the house. We recommend this place particularly to those who search for isolation, who will find pleasure in walking, as the last 500 metres leading to the house is a walk in the woods through a leafy path.
The maximum number of guests: 6
Selection of local activities:
milking goats, bee-keeping, taking care of the farm animals, making butter, making ham and sausages, barbecue, bonfire, traditional Polish cuisine workshops, making pickles, making food preserves, mowing grass, picking herbs, mushroom picking, sleeping on hay in a barn, making traditional ornaments, woodcarving workshops, making candles, trekking, gunsmithing, making wine and home made liqueurs
Selection of trips to choose from:
to Orava Lake in Slovakia, to the brewery of Zywiec
The owner speaks communicative English Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest town Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest bus stop Distance from the nearest shop Located within the woods Distance from the nearest cash-machine Pets welcome


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 7 nights
board: 7 dinner-suppers
transfer: airport – accommodation – airport
tour-leader – local organizer – your personal tour guide and interpreter at your exclusive disposal to provide assistance in arranging trips, events and activities at all stages of your stay
1-day trip to Slovakia
tickets to an open air museum
workshops: Village in the Old Days
workshops : Traditional Polish Cuisine
workshops: Wine and home made herb
liqueurs production
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities -
fill in the form and ask!


Day 1: Arrival at Balice Airport, Cracow. Transfer to your accommodation.
Day 2: Walking trip to an open air museum.
Day 3: Workshops at the site Village in the Old Days, during which you will learn how to prepare butter, honey, country cheese and cream. There is also a possibility of testing your expertise at milking goats and cows and you can prepare your own candle from beeswax. An optional night on hay in a barn.
Day 4: One-day trip to Orava Lake in Slovakia. Visiting thermal baths and the astonishingly situated Orava Castle.
Day 5: A guided walk in the forest with a farmer. Observing plants, watching animals, picking mushrooms.
Day 6: Workshops at the site: Traditional Polish Cuisine, during which you will enrich your culinary knowledge and skills of preparing the most popular, delicious Polish dishes such as pierogi ruskie, bigos, zurek and golonka.
Day 7: Workshops at the site: Wine and home made herb liqueurs production, during which you will learn the process and methods of making herbal and fruit alcoholic relishes. A surprise is awaiting each participant afterwards.
Day 8: Transfer to Balice Airport, Cracow. Departure.
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