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Feel the magic of the Kingdom of Space
Location: The Western Carpathian Mountains, around 100 km South-East from Rzeszow
Description of the place:
You are invited for a group walk throughout an enchanting place which blossoms with colours from spring to autumn. The impressionistic mixture of shades in meadows full of flowers and burning red of beech tree leaves will not leave your soul unmoved. There is a great tourist trail system and a network of biking lanes. The hosts provide a wide range of programmes of activities to choose from: from pottery workshops to basket-making workshops, to tissue-paper ornament making workshops, to painting-on-glass workshops, to traditional Polish bread baking workshops to loom weaving workshops to cross-stitch embroidery workshops. You can also participate in plainair painting sessions, rent a bike or meet with interesting local people, many of whom are gifted artisan artists. Music lovers will meet local musicians playing local folk music. Wild bird watching is an exceptional attraction. You can also rent gliders or hang gliders.
The owners offer two separate huts, each consists of two-, three- and four-bed rooms with bathrooms. Their spacious interiors have recently been redesigned and redecorated in a traditional cottage style. Full board is available. This is a perfect place for those who value spending time actively but also for those who would rather prefer to contemplate nature.

The maximum number of guests: 20

Selection of local activities:
watching wild birds, tracking wild animals, baking bread, pottery workshops, weaving, basket making, biking

Activities within a short distance:
gliding and hang gliding

Selection of trips to choose from:
to the open air museum, following regional monuments itinerary, to Lviv in Ukraine
Assistance of a personal tour-guide speaking fluently English Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest town Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest bus stop Distance from the nearest shop Distance from the nearest cash-machine Pets welcome Distance from the nearest river or lake Located within the woods


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 7 nights
board: 7 breakfasts, 7 dinner-suppers
transfer: airport - accommodation - airport
pottery workshops - duration 2-3 hours
cross-stitch embroidery workshops - duration 2-3 hours
baking bread workshops - duration 2-3 hours
basket-making workshops - duration 3-4 hours
tissue-paper ornaments making workshops - duration 3-4 hours
loom weaving workshops - duration 3-4 hours
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities -
fill in the form and ask!


Day 1: Arrival at Rzeszow Airport. Transfer to your accommodation.
Day 2: Pottery workshops during which you will learn basic pottery techniques and its local tradition and history.
Day 3: Cross-stitch embroidery workshops. This old technique, although being one of the simplest, gives aesthetically pleasing results.
Day 4: During this day you will learn how traditional bread is baked.
Day 5: Basket-making workshops will show you how easy it is to create your own basket.
Day 6: Tissue-paper ornament making workshops. You will learn the traditional Polish way of decorating houses with paper flowers.
Day 7: Loom weaving workshops will introduce you to the ancient technique of weaving.
Day 8: Transfer to Rzeszow Airport. Departure.
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