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Stay in a health
spa resort
Location: The Western Carpathian Mountains, around 70 km South from Rzeszow
The owner speaks English fluently Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest town Distance from the nearest shop Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest bus stop Distance from the nearest river or lake Located within the woods Distance from the nearest cash-machine Pets not allowed
Description of the place:
We invite you to a spectacularly situated spa resort famous for both its water with healing properties and its unique microclimate. The water helps in healing rheumatism and numerous diseases particularly those of the air passages, digestive, circulatory and urinary systems. There is a wide range of therapeutic treatments available: kriotheraphy, both group and individual inhalations, paraffin and mud body masks and facials, water and underwater massages, mineral baths, sauna, water-pool gymnastics, to name but a few. If you are interested in nature you will be enchanted by the landscape of spectacular beauty and rare species of fauna and flora. Your accommodation will be within a 10-minute walk to the city centre where all the medical facilities are located. Local guides will be happy to show you around as well as to take you to nearby Slovakia.
We warmly invite you to the recently renovated beginning of the 20th century Polish mansion. It is divided into three separate segments, each of which contains two rooms with a bathroom. The house is surrounded by a play-ground area for children as well as a bonfire place and a car park. The speciality of the house is the regional cuisine based on organic ingredients. The Polish language taught by an enthusiastic landlady will definitely come effortlessly to you. This place is particularly recommended for people with children.
The maximum number of guests: 14
Selection of local activities:
traditional Polish cuisine workshops, pickle making courses, food preserves making workshops, picking mushrooms, wood carving courses, biking, trekking, lace-making workshops, icon painting, roasting mutton and pig, barbecue, bonfire
Activities within a short distance:
therapeutic treatments, horse riding, angling


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 10 nights
board: 10 breakfasts,
10 dinner-suppers
transfer: airport - accommodation - airport
selected therapeutic treatments
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities - fill in the form and ask!


Day 1: Arrival at Rzeszow Airport. Transfer to your accommodation.
Day 2: Visit in a spa centre. Medical consultations during which you will have your individual physiotherapy schedule set.
Day 3-10: From the third to the tenth day of the stay you will have selected treatments and spa sessions. Therapies to choose from: krio-chamber – healing with low temperatures, mineral baths in waters of local springs, acid-carbon baths, mud wrapping (full and partial), mineral water inhalations, hydro-therapy – Scottish shower, under water massage, vibration massage, physiotherapy: medical gymnastics, hand massage, light and electrotherapy.

Additionally, on the fifth day of your stay a slide-show by a mountain guide will be arranged.
Day 11: Transfer to Rzeszow Airport. Departure.
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