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Dream spot
for golf lovers
Location: The Malopolska Highland, around 30 km North-West from Cracow
Description of the place:
Do you value an active lifestyle? We can offer you a paradise for active leisure seekers. Here, you will find priceless silence and eternal serenity and you will have limitless space for sport activities. Not far from your accommodation there is a golf course where you can spend hours mastering in this luxurious sports realm. A short distance from the place there are wonderful Natural Parks, perfect for trekking, walking, biking and horse riding in the nearby stable.
We invite you to a remote and isolated spot. There are two-, three-, four- and five-bed rooms with bathrooms in the main holiday guesthouse. There are also separate moderate chalets with two-, three- and four-bed rooms. We highly recommend home-made dishes prepared by the hosts. You will have the opportunity to taste roasted pig, deer, goat, lamb and turkey. There is a fish pond on the property in which you can try your hand at catching perch, trout, carp, crucian carp or amur and the kitchen chef will turn them into royal dishes for you. After a day full of involving activities you can recover in a modern sauna.
The maximum number of guests: 50
Selection of local activities:
angling, barbecue, bonfire, roasting pig, mutton, goat, deer or boar, archery lessons, tennis courts, picking mushrooms
Activities within a short distance:
golf course, biking
Selection of trips to choose from:
to Cracow – the city of Polish Kings and Queens, to the salt mine of Wieliczka, to Auschwitz-Birkenau – former concentration and extermination camps, to Wadowice – the birth town of Pope John Paul II, to the National Park of Ojcow – visiting the Jurassic park of elaborate lime rocks formations, to the remains of the 14th century Castle of Tenczyn, following the Eagles’ Eyes Route (Szlak Orlich Gniazd – the South-Poland itinerary of medieval fortified castles), to the ruins of the gothic Castle of Lipowiec
Assistance of a personal tour-guide speaking fluently English Distance from the nearest international airport Distance from the nearest town Distance from the nearest shop Distance from the nearest railway station Distance from the nearest bus stop Located within the woods Distance from the nearest cash-machine Pets welcome


Sample package includes:
accommodation: 7 nights
board: 7 breakfasts,
7 dinner-suppers
transfer: airport - accommodation - airport
tour-leader – local organizer – your personal tour guide and interpreter at your exclusive disposal to provide assistance in arranging trips, events and activities at all stages of your stay
guided excursion to the salt mine of Wieliczka
archery lessons
guided tour to the National Jurassic Park of Ojcow
Price depends on number of guests, duration of stay and selected activities - fill in the form and ask!


Day 1: Arrival at Balice Airport, Cracow. Transfer to your accommodation.
Day 2: Archery lessons: introduction training, supervision by professional, three archery stands. Evening bonfire party with roasting pig.
Day 3: Day on 18-hole golf course, located in the vicinity of your accommodation.
Day 4: Trip to the national monument, the salt mine of Wieliczka. The mine is one of the most unique mining site in the world which has been in operation since the Middle Ages. The original excavations, passages, ramps, chambers, lakes and shafts make together 300 km, situated on nine different levels, reaching the depth of 327 metres underground. It is a living illustration of the development of mining techniques throughout history.
Day 5: Day on 18-hole golf-course.
Day 6: Trip to the National Jurassic Park of Ojcow. In programme: visiting a 14th century castle, the biggest and longest cave in the Park, observing the unique wild flora and fauna.
Day 7: Day on 18-hole golf-course.
Day 8: Transfer to Balice Airport, Cracow. Departure.
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