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In Poland you can still find wild, remote and isolated corners,
where paths in virgin forests have not been beaten by tourists,
where people lead quiet stress-free lives away from the turmoil and noise of the cities,
where wild animals and untamed rivers and streams lure you into the richness of their flora and fauna,
where even time seems to have stopped speechless in awe…

In response to very different preferences of customers we have prepared a new concept of organizing trips and breaks, whose main assumption is to cater to the independent traveller according to his/her individual needs and requirements.

We propose attractive ways of spending time describing the character of the selected eco-farms. They only cover part of all attractions available. Based upon the information provided you make your own individual programme: decide upon the place and duration of your stay, you select the most appealing forms of spending your free time. You may choose one of the proposals suggested in our offer or modify them. We will design your own individual programme taking into consideration a list of preferences given to the agent of our agency. We will do our best to make your wishes come true.


We have searched numerous places looking for those of unique, magical and exceptional atmosphere. Our final decision of which places to include in our offer were made not only regarding the accommodation, board standards and attractions available in the area but also after long and detailed interviews with potential hosts. The people we have found are not just friendly and kind, but also warm, cheerful, unusual and outstandingly exceptional. With such criteria we have found places, which are hidden amidst forests, streams and brooks, emanating with the warmth of a family home whose owners are ready to welcome you with open arms serving traditional Polish cooking and offering a genuine family atmosphere. In each of these carefully selected places many attractions await you to make your stay enjoyable and to make sure that time spent in the land of milk and honey will long remain in your memory.

In the majority of places we offer full board – traditional Polish cuisine according to your individual culinary preferences. In places where hosts and owners do not guarantee board, cooking facilities are available but you may also explore numerous local restaurants and inns.
Each offer gives the opportunity of having an individual assistant – a personal interpreter and guide at your exclusive disposal. He/she will help you to organize trips, arrange events and who will coordinate your programme during your stay. Taking this option will guarantee that your stay will go smoothly following your wishes and expectations under the supervision of your personal tourist angel, fluently speaking your language.
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